Global Community Leader Agreement FAQ

What is the Community Leader Agreement (CLA)?

We’ve developed a new Community Leader Agreement (CLA), that clearly states expectations for what you, as a Community Leader, commit to when you lead one of our programs.

While your role won’t change as a Community Leader, we want to ensure that everyone is on the same page before we get started.

We did a lot of research around what other organizations supporting community focused events do such as TEDx, Ignite, Startup Grind, and Creative Mornings. Most now have a similar approach as we’ve taken here with an agreement that creates a license for each event that is held.

How can I use the Techstars brand in relation to my event or program?

“[Startup Weekend], a Techstars Startup Program” is the right way to associate the two where it is useful. Techstars has 3 core functions: Startup Programs (Startup Weekend, Startup Week, Startup Digest); Accelerator Programs; the Venture Fund…. One caution: we don’t want to exclude other accelerators or appear exclusive. Our goal is to support the entire ecosystem in every community.

What events does the CLA apply to?

The CLA only applies to upcoming and new events, not past events.

Who needs to agree to the new Community Leader Agreement (CLA)?

In just about every case, only the lead person for the event or digest needs to sign. As the lead, we ask that you ensure the rest of your team follows all rules, policies, and procedures for the relevant program / event.

Specifically –

1) Startup Digest: since this is not an event, there will be a similar annual agreement for curators.

2) Startup Weekend: Only the Lead Organizer need to sign.

3) Startup Week: Only the Lead Organizer needs to sign.

4) Startup Next: Only the Lead Facilitators in session needs to sign.

Do Startup Weekend Facilitators need to sign?


Do I need to re-sign the CLA for each new event or year I organize?

Yes, the license structure does require one person to sign it for each new event. In the future, it will be integrated into the application process for Startup Weekend and Startup Week, and into the Digest Curator Platform, so it will be a smooth and virtually painless process.

What regions does this apply to?

This applies to all regions.

What happens if I don’t accept the Community Leader Agreement (CLA)?

Legally this is something we need to begin enforcing. If you have feedback on why the CLA does not work for you, you can provide feedback by sending it to your Regional Manager.

Ultimately, you will not be able to lead a new event until you accept the CLA.

How do I review and accept the Community Leader Agreement (CLA)?

The CLA will be embedded in all Startup Program applications for review and acceptance. Current Community leaders who need to sign the CLA will be contacted via email and sent a link where you can review and “sign” the agreement. You can also find the form here.

If I make use of resources/processes I've developed previously and independently while organizing or running an event, am I relinquishing the rights to my work?

No. Simple. We don’t want to take away anything that is yours or that you have developed. We just want you to respect and appropriately share anything we’ve developed to help support you.

What about the Terms of Service (TOS) for using things like Community Leader Tools (CLT)?

We will be updating Terms of Service (TOS) for our existing tools soon. This will include Community Leader Tools (CLT) / SWOOP and the Startup Digest Curator tools. Nothing about the tools or how you use them will change with the new TOS.

Where do I go if I still have questions?

Please feel free to direct any further questions to your Regional Manager.

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