New Resource for Startup Weekend Organizers- Stickers

We are happy to announce a great partnership with Sticker Giant. Order free Startup Weekend stickers here! This is not a regional exclusive resource, but a global one. So go ahead, get some free stickers for your event!

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It's not that Global :( 
It would have been interesting if it would be available in 3rd world countries like Romania.

Hello everyone,

If you are unable to receive a shipment please respond with your country and city, so we can let our partner at Sticker Giant know! Apologies for the hassle but we will do our best to make this as global as we can!

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Other affected regions (India), City : Hyderabad

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Hey, Greeting from Greece...
Greece isn't one of the selected countries for shipping unfortunately....
We are having 3 events soon.
SW Athens University an SW Volos, at April,
And SW Larissa at 13-15 of May.

Could we ask a free shipping to England, and one of our invited mentors receive them, and them he would bring them to us?

Thank you very much.
You can find us  at   or at

Hey guys the Roma ( Italy ) is organizing an event the 20th of may is it possible to have some stickers?

Hi Simone, have you filled out a form to get them?

@joel they don't ship in Italy so we can't fill the form ;)

Hello everyone! This is Andrew from StickerGiant. First off, we *love* Startup Weekend and Startup Week. We've been a part of these events from the beginning. Now, we are opening up new markets each time a new country comes to us for their sponsored stickers. So, even though you might not see your country on the list right now, we are working hard to get stickers out to every corner of the globe.

Fill out the form on our page to get an order started, and we will work with you.
Thanks a lot!
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