Voting Resources & FAQ

When does Voting begin and End?

November 27th at 8:00am CST - Voting Begins

December 4th at 12:00pm CST - Voting Ends

Things you CANNOT do to get votes:

  • Pay for votes in any form
  • Set up email accounts on temporary inbox services (votes need to come from a real person, accounts will be verified and we reserve the right to disqualify a team for having too many fake votes.)
  • No exchange of value in order to get votes (You may, however, run a contest with a single winner to drive interest and buzz, but the value of the prize needs to be less than $50 USD
  • Use paid advertising to drive votes

Can you use Facebook Ads to get votes?

You can of course use ads to promote your page and new startup. You just cannot use those ads to drive votes, so they cannot say for example "Click here to vote for us!"

Some of our potential sponsors are asking if they can provide their service as a form of collecting votes. Is this allowed?

If the value is below $50 USD you can run a contest with these services but they may not exchange high-value services in return for votes. We suggest they email and use social media to get their network to vote for you.

How many times am I allowed to vote?

Once per day

Will I need to register to vote?

You will need a social media account or valid email to vote.

(link to directions on easily getting the link to share for voting)

(link to video submissions on Reviewr)
(tips on getting votes and more!)

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