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Hi Joel,

         Thanks for creating the forum. I was going through the links and observed couple of things. 

  • URL "https://www.go.co/startup-weekend" is not working. Its giving 404, No page for you
  • I dont have access to "Innovator's Track .CO Promotion", I clicked request access. Please check whether you can help with that.
  • Also, do we have a template for T-Shirt designing. I can see the colors in Logo's and Assets, but couldnt find any template for TShirts. I remember seeing something in startupweekend.org organizers tool kit, but I dont see some of those links working now. Can you help us find it?
  • Also, I remember in one of the Startup weekends I went before, we had some tools provided by Microsoft (Bizspark), Google, etc Where can I find them?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Adithya,

- With that startup-weekend link, where did you find that so I can update it?

- We're working to correct permissions on that folder, it'll be publicly available by end of the day.

- Currently no t-shirt design resource for GSB, for Startup Weekend check the bottom of this list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TKu0PRXPdqBeM2eA2kcYv5WLsAN_EAyX3e5pnLh92Kc/edit#gid=407255334

- For a list of attendee resources, check here: http://startupweekend.org/attendees/resources & GSB ones for Organizers here: http://www.globalstartupbattle.co/resources/organizer-resources

Thanks Kacey for your quick reply. Here is the link where I found that info


Here's the correct link! http://www.go.co/startupweekend

I'll have our sponsor update their document, thanks! 

Hello Adithya and fellow organizers,

If you check the announcements section you will see that Google is no longer providing Swag such as headbands but will continue to offer 300 Cloud Credit. Keep an eye out in the Final Resource email sent out for more instructions. We work closely with our partners to provide comprehensive and utile products to our organizers and attendees. Make sure to stay up to date by following us! 

GSB has new Sponsors such as Mr. Coffee. You can find more resources and answers here.

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