Global Startup Hashtag Battle FAQ

1. Where can I check our status?

Navigate to the Hashtag Battle page and see where you rank overall, where you stack up against others in your region, and follow the greater global conversation

2. Can I check my ranking by weekend?

Weekend 1 or 2 rankings: You can now view where you rank in your weekend! Check out the drop-down menu to view top cities in Weekend 1 or Weekend 2.

3. What are the prizes?

Prize will be announced soon! We’re coming up with some pretty cool ideas! But also bragging rights.

4. I see that my hashtag is wrong/missing on the webpage. How do I change it?

Please shoot us an email or support ticket with the following information. Your city, date of event, current URL. 

5. Can I use a bot or an automated system to tweet?

No Twitter bots, if any bots or automation is used, we may remove your city from the competition. If you see other teams using bots please shoot us an email at so we can disqualify them. 

6. Can I pay people to tweet?

No, paying for tweets. Organic content only.

7. So does that mean I can't use Hootsuite or other social media platforms to schedule tweets?

You are allowed to use social media platforms such as Hootsuite or Buffer just not bots. 

8. How do I change my avatar on the Hashtag Battle website?

The avatar is picked based on the main account of the organizers. If you feel there is an error please email us. We do this on our end. There is no action item if you haven't submitted anything.

9. What's new for 2015 that's different from last year?

Get your photo on the Instagram wall! We’re now tracking #GSB2015 photos on Instagram, check it out!

10. Anything else I should know?

Add in #GSB2015 to get extra recognition in our widgets and views from other people online. Also have fun! 

Please note Facebook does not count for the Hashtag Battle.

You can check out our blog post with more detailed rules.

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